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The Value of Spotting Fake Pay Stubs

While trusting a person is important, it is equally important that you also take your time to verify the things that they tell or present to you. If you rent housing units, sell automobiles, or run a high-end jewelry business, you want to make sure that your potential clients can truly afford to pay for what they want to get. One way to find out about this information from your customers is to check their employment status, especially their monthly or weekly pay rates. It should not be a problem for most employees working for employers to provide their pay stubs to these people as proof of employment. Sadly, there are many people who don’t have proper qualifications and try to scam their way into getting an agreement with you using a variety of methods like using fake pay stubs. When you don’t know which details to check to pinpoint the fake pay stubs from the real ones, then you can lose thousands of dollars and get into more trouble.

Accepting pay stubs have been proven to lead to many consequences. When you accept fake pay stubs and transact business with the person who provided you these, you will no doubt feel embarrassed, but that’s only the start of it. At the very least, you may have closed a deal with a person who can’t afford to pay for the product or service they have bought from you. Eventually, this person will be unable to pay for their payments in the coming months. What happens after are losing thousands of dollars in terms of merchandise as well as dealing with problems and repossession. When you are dealing with real estate, getting back the property may involve eviction proceedings that can cost you money, lost time, and more legal fees.

If you’ve been victimized by fake pay stubs, you have to involve your local police department. A person commits fraud when they use fake income as a form of verification. Charing this person with a felony is all too common. When you involve the law, you should not have a hard time getting back the merchandise you’ve lost as well as successfully evicting the fraudulent tenant.

For people who fake their paycheck stubs, there are a lot of reasons behind the act. Whatever the reason, it is up to you to ensure that you don’t allow these people to scam you with the use of these fake pay stubs. One way to check if you have a real pay stub from a person is to contact the employer that is included in the contact information of the stub. You will find business information from real pay stubs. It will be best to start asking permission from the person who gave you the stub if you can call their employer. This immediately gets a reaction from the involved person, giving you a clue if they have given you either a real or fake pay stub.

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